Best Natural Sweeteners

Let’s be straightforward: Sugar is a sweet poison. Yes, it is sweet and tastes good but sugar can kill you. Numerous physical and mental illnesses are related to sugar consumption. It is bad for your kidneys, liver, weight, heart, immune system and is known as the leading cause of diabetics. For these and many other reasons, to quit reason is with no doubt the best you can do in favour of your good health.0

Truth be told, to eliminate sugar from your diet is not easy for two reasons. First, sugar is literally everywhere, even in foods you wouldn’t imagine that contain sugar. Second, sugar is highly addictive substance, which makes it really difficult to give up on the taste of your favourite chocolate bars, donuts or the sweet taste of your coffee or tea. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on your idea of quitting sugar even before you start. What you can and ought to do is to seek for alternative solution to your sugar cravings.

Replacing sugar with natural sweeteners is the first step towards quitting sugar. But, hence the question, What are the best natural sweeteners? In the sea of sugar replacement products offered on the Australian market, it can be really difficult to be wise and choose the very natural solution. But, not if you make a good research beforehand to learn about which sweeteners are truly natural. If you’ve been concerned with this matter before, there’s no reason for you to wander anymore, keep on reading to learn about the best natural sweeteners you can choose and use with confidence, knowing that you do something good for your health.


Stevia is an organic sweetener, which is received from extraction of the leaves of “Stevia Rebaudiana”, a plant that has been used in medical purposes for several hundreds of years, mainly in South America. Stevia is far more sweeter than sugar, but it doesn’t have calories and is not bad for human’s health. On the contrary, it is one of the natural sweeteners that have positive health impact. Studies have shown that Stevia can improve insulin resistance, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar in diabetics.


Erythritol is in fact a sugar alcohol. It is usually contained in most of the fruits. You can find in in liquid and powder form. Erythritol is not calorie free but is very low in calories (only 0.24 per gram). It is a natural sweetener that has only 6% of the calories contained in sugar, but has 70% of its sweetness. Most important, this sweetener doesn’t bear any health issues like sugar does. It doesn’t rise the insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides levels. It is safe for use, but shouldn’t be used too much at a time, because it may cause problems with the digestion.


When it comes to natural sweeteners, many first think of Xylitol. It’s understandably, because this sweetener has been growing in popularity in the recent years. Known for protecting dental health Xylitol is used as a sugar replacement in many products that were directly associated with teeth health, such as chewing gums. Aside from reducing the risk of dental decay and cavities, this natural sweetener is proven to keep insulin levels steady and to prevent osteoporosis.


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