Symptoms of Hearing Loss In Children

hearing loss in childrenNoise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a very common problem among children these days, and the biggest obstacle to solving it immediately is the fact that NIHL can’t be recognized immediately. Children may even suffer some time, since they themselves won’t be able to fully and clearly understand and explain what is happening to them.
It is important to pay attention to you child’s behavior and examine certain sudden changes; you may need to schedule a hearing test for children for it. Here are some guidelines that may point to a possible hearing loss problem:

  1. Only loud sounds surround your child
    Concerts, traffic, the TV and you talking at the same time. That’s all too much noise for your child, which is still too young for such hearing pressure. Have in mind that children that are surrounded by too loud sounds whose volume isn’t controllable as easy, are more prone to developing NIHL.
  2. Statistics: 5 million children suffer from NIHL
    Statistics show that the number of children under 19 years old that suffer from hearing loss is a staggering 5 million. Having in mind that the condition itself has consequences like anxiety, depression, retreating from social life and losing interest in school and playing. That means that nearly 5 million children suffer not just from hearing loss, but from other problems as well.
  3. NIHL can happen anytime
    This refers to what may trigger the hearing loss condition. A sudden gunshot, a car accident, very loud explosion, or a very loud horn are all possible triggers of NIHL. These are loud noises that may rupture a child’s eardrum or do some serious damage by tearing the sensory hairs in the inner ear. In situations like this, a child may be able to realize and say that a change in hearing loss has happened.
  4. NIHL can happen gradually as well
    Constantly listening to loud music of over 85 decibels, or being exposed to construction sounds that are also that loud can gradually damage your children ‘s hearing. What’s worse, children may actually recognize the change; not immediately, but with time. This means that they will slowly experience changes that will affect their lives. So, you should be introduced and educated of all the symptoms of NIHL so you know what to expect.
  5. Know the symptoms of NIHL so you know when to schedule a hearing test for children immediately:
  • if your kid can’t hear his name being called;
  • if he/she constantly asks for people to repeat themselves;
  • if interest in school has been lost;
  • if your child performs badly in classes;
  • and if your child is anxious or withdrawn too much.

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