The Story Behind The Lego Friends Sets

For decades, Lego toys have been kids’ top-choice for fun and entertainment. Why Lego is the best? Because it allows children of all ages an endless variety of creative constructions. With Lego, imagination is the only limit, true indeed.


Lego Friends sets are part of the big Lego family and they are the perfect gaming solution to give our little ones hours of happy play and unforgettable childhood memories. Thanks to the amazing Lego Friends sets, children can explore, build and ruin, thus delve into exciting adventures and environments.

The Lego Friends sets list includes many outstanding themes and scenarios that help children to understand the divergent needs and beliefs of individuals, which on the flip-side, gives them the opportunity to explore the everyday. Here is the list of the most popular and commonly purchased Lego Friends sets:

  • Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp – Camping is always fun. And this is what this Lego set offers to children – fun! They can create their own summer riding camp, where Stephanie, Emma and Ella can improve their horseback riding skills with the help of the instructor Theresa. This set contains 4 miniature doll figures and lots of accessories. Total number of pieces: 1145.
  • Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall – All girls love shopping, so this set is the perfect play-choice for little girls. By building the biggest shopping mall in the world, girls can drive Stephanie and Emma there and spend the whole day on visiting different boutiques and shopping for the latest models of fashionable clothing. It is all about the girly world! Total number of pieces: 1120.
  • Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser – This Lego set is a great way to have the most exciting summer holiday at home. Andrew, Mia and Maya head on an unforgettable ocean adventure, where Andrew steers the boat and take the girls on a beautiful cruising around the Lighthouse Island. When the sun goes down, the crew can chill with a yummy blended drink at the snack bar or feed the dolphins. It is just amazing! Total number of pieces: 612.


If not sure how to use these amazing sets, read the Lego Friends sets instructions included. And did you know that you can entertain your little one(s) with the super-cute and fun Lego Friends videos too? Do you have any interesting and innovative LEGO storage ideas? The Lego company has once again surprised its biggest fans (kids of all ages) by offering them a TV version of a world of enchantment and adventure.


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