Male Receding Hairline: What Men Can Do About Hair Loss

receding hairlineMale receding hairline is very common these days. So many man face this problem, that it’s inevitable to pose the question: is it something they eat, or a shampoo they all use? Although food, commercial shampoos and the incredibly huge amount of stress that live with have a huge influence on hair loss, science claims that the problem may also be genetic, or hormonal.

What causes male receding hairline? According to science, there are two main reasons that cause hair loss in men:

  • Hormone interaction – male hormones Androgen and testosterone tend to interact with hair follicles. However, the reason for this interaction is genetic: hair follicles need to be genetically inclined to react with the male hormone androgen. If such a reaction occurs, eventually the result will be Alopecia Arreata, or excessive hair loss. In addition, if testosterone reacts with the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase the result will be Androgen Dihydrotestosterone , which eventually leads to male receding hairline.
  • Oily hair – men tend to have oily skin. Oily skin causes dandruff, which causes thinning hair and eventually hair loss. Also, dandruff cloggs hair follicles, which inhibits hair growth.

Other reasons that may cause male receding hairline include:

  • Stress – too much stress is bad for overall health in both men and women. Did you know that major stress causes about 40 % hair loss in men? That is a very high percent! Moreover, stress alternates the natural growth cycle of hair.
  • Nutrition – if you base your diet just on junk food, alcohol, sweets and soda, you shouldn’t be surprised if you experience hair loss.
  • Medications – if you are taking some strong medications for a condition you may be experiencing, or a disease, it may be the case that the medications are causing you to lose your hair.
  • Chemical treatments – if you are colouring, relaxing or straightening your hair, you should be aware that the chemicals you’re putting on your hair are actually dangerous to a certain level, as they damage your hair strand.

receding hairline

So, what can men do to prevent hair loss? While genetic predispositions are a burden we need to carry ourselves, other known causes of male receding hairline can be stopped with persistent work and care.

  • Add more nutrients to your diet – everything we eat serves a certain goal in our body. The organism takes every nutrient possible from food and transforms it into beneficial ingredients that feed our organs. It’s the same with hair ; hair needs vitamins,minerals and water. Therefore, you should include more fruits and vegetables, especially the ones that contain vitamins A, E, B and C as hair needs them in abundance. Also, drink a loot of water, since your hair strands consist of about 40% water. You can also take Biotin, which is known to strengthen hair.
  • Manage stress – go to relaxing massages, exercise more, take long walks. More importantly, know that stress is bad for you, and try to avoid it as much as possible.
  • Massage your scalp – instead of treating your hail with chemicals, you could massage your hair with oils. This is good for circulation, which enhances hair growth.

What if nothing helps?

If losing your hair completely is inevitable, you can always turn to modern technology. You can try scalp micro pigmentation. Scalp micro pigmentation is a tattooing procedure which makes your scalp look like a stubble, with the help of tiny tattooed dots, that are the same colour as your natural hair. The procedure is permanent, so you’ll have a naturally looking hair on your head right after you leave the salon. If you decide to try this procedure, do your research first as to educate yourself oh the benefits, possible side effects and the prices that different salons offer.


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