Chic Bohemian Styles: Essential pieces you must have

Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be overeducated or overdressed”. Fashion is what you are offered four times a year, but style is what you pick out of that fashion and the way you wear it. So, create your own style, make it unique for yourself and identifiable for others. Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway. So, choose your favorite pieces of clothes and walk with confidence.

Street and Bohemian style has become very popular recently as it includes comfortable clothes which will make you feel both stylish and pleasant while doing your everyday activities.

So, lets go over some of the most essential pieces you must have when you it comes to Bohemian style:

vests hats women fashion

  1. A Maxi Skirt

    A simple yet stylish maxi skirt will be the piece of clothing that you will turn to over and over again when wearing cool bohemian outfits. You can easily combine them with t-shirts and different styles of vests.

  2. A Printed Maxi Dress

    Printed maxi dresses have become really trendy recently thanks to the fact that they are very easy to wear and combine with different accessories. The best way to incorporate your maxi dress into the bohemian style is to choose nature-inspired or geometric inspired dresses. Combine it with bold jewelry and wedge sandals for nights out. Moreover, you can pair maxi dresses with vests for women to contribute to a more casual look.

  3. A Versatile Vest

    Vests for women are an awesome fashionable piece because they add a stylish spark to whatever you combine them. Vests contribute to a modern, chic look and you can combine them with so many pieces such as floral mini-dresses, simple maxi dresses or even a simple t-shirt. The possibilities to combine vests for women are endless.

  4. Earthy Jewelry

    When you try to incorporate jewelry into your bohemian style keep in mind the rule: the more unique, the better. Look for unique jewelry, such as jewelry made from natural elements such as wood, coral, feathers, turquoise or suede.

  5. Knit Cardigans And Sweaters

    Cardigans and sweaters are a must for any style, but to best fit them in your bohemian style, opt for lacy-knit, see-through pieces. They are great for layering and are light enough so you can combine them and wear throughout the whole year.


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