Self Watering Planters – How Do They Work

Watering is one of the most important but  “hated” jobs in the garden, right after pulling thorny weeds with your own hands. But nowadays, watering has become much easier with the latest innovation of self watering planters. The older types of self watering planters weren’t so efficient while today’s self watering planters have separate water reservoirs specially created to protect the roots of plants from excess moisture.

how self watering planters work

How Does It Works

As we already mentioned, self watering planters contain separate reservoir of water, so when the soil dries out it draws up enough water to get moisture. Another advantage of the new self watering planters is that you can add fertilizer to the water itself. This means that your plants will get enough food throughout the growing season and will improve the plant quality growth. The main disadvantage of the new self watering planters is the breeding of mosquitoes in the water reservoirs. But this can be avid by simply adding several drops of oil to the water every time you refill the reservoir.

Benefits Of Self Watering Planters

The summer heat makes gardens and soil needy when it comes to water. The low humidity, high heat and small amount of water means that containers dry out faster. In many areas, when there are planted vegetables, containers need to be watered two or three times per day.


As a solution to the problem, the water reservoir system was created in order to allow constant watering. So if you have a busy life that keeps you on the run and don’t have time for watering your plants everyday, self watering planters will help you to grow quality and different types of plants at the same time. Depending on the size of your plants, pots and reservoir, you can make a break of several weeks between waterings. It is proven that self watering containers can save a lot of water since the water that is not used immediately is stored for later use.

However, when looking to buy self watering planters always look for a renowned online retailer that offers high quality and sturdy planters. Read customer reviews, consult with professionals and after that decide what type, size and shape of self watering planters to buy.


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