3 Must-Haves For a Girly Vacation

We have to admit it that we all look forward to going on a vacation with friends, so we can relax and unwind. Forgetting which day of the week is simply because you are enjoying yourself and have so much fun has to be the best feeling ever.

But the truth is, although far away from home and anyone you know, you would surely like to look good and feel good. So, if you are wondering what to take with you on your girly vacation, besides sunglasses, swimsuits and sun-cream, we offer you the top 3 items:

Maxi Dress

summer accessories

Maxi dresses are very simple to wear, comfortable and stylish. Wearing a maxi dress implies that you are an easy-going, relaxed and a friendly person. They are light-weight and are easily carried in a suitcase. If you pack the correctly, maxi dresses will not wrinkle easily.

While on a vacation, you can wear a maxi dress both throughout the day or at night, as these fashionable pieces can fit in well in almost any occasion. For a daily use, combine it with Converse snickers, comfortable flat sandals or even flip-flops so you can walk around without feeling pain in your legs. If you are going out at night, you can combine your favorite maxi dress with wedges and a necklace which reflects your taste and makes a statement.


summer accessories (2)

When you are on a vacation you want to rest as much as possible, so it would be a good idea to forget about wearing high heels. Instead, take your favorite flat sandals with you. The thing is, if you are wearing a maxi dress, you cannot see your shoes, so why trouble yourself and wear uncomfortable high-heels even on vacations when you are supposed to rest? For a chic look, you can pair your coral sandals with the same coloured necklace or bracelet which you can find at online fashion accessories sites and stores.


summer accessories (3)

Even the simplest dress can look rich and stylish if you know how to style it with the right accessories. So, while on a vacation, spice up your outfit with simpler accessories for daily walks and heavier ones for nights out. With the so many stores and online fashion accessories sites, it is easy to find little pieces of art that you will enjoy wearing at all times.

At the end, whatever you choose to wear on your vacation, do not forget to have fun and enjoy your time because tans will fade but the memories you make with your girls will last forever.


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