Bodum Mugs Are Unique And Handy

Bodum mugsHave you seen the latest Bodum mugs? Super cute, very practical and stylish, easy to fit in any kitchenware, and most importantly, double-walled! Bodum company has been producing glassware for many years now, but since the introduction of the double-walled mugs, the company noted a real increase in sales. First being presented in glass, today, Bodum mugs are available in porcelain as well. Moreover, they come in different colours and designs, in sets and singles. Here is a short description of some of Bodum’s mugs I found very handy:

The Pavina Double Walled Glasses Gift Pack of 4

This is a set of four glasses; 2x350ml and 2x80ml . Made from borosilicate glass, these colourless glasses are perfect for tea, coffee, other hot drinks and even desserts! The insulating technology of the double-wall keeps the liquid in the glass warm for long periods and cool if the liquid is cold. The double-wall makes your drink look like it’s floating in the glass. It’s safe for these Bodum mugs to be washed in a dishwasher.

Bodum Pavina Silicone Band Glasses set of 2

Now, this is what I call a fancy cup for coffee. Made from borosilicate glass, designed in Switzerland. The glass has a silicone band with the company name on it. The band can be in different colours: red, black, green and purple. This mug can be made of white porcelain as well. With the silicone band on it, it’s also a very stylish mug. I personally prefer the colourless glass with the red silicone band on it, since the one made of white porcelain looks more like a candle stand. Go a step further and make a collection of these mugs, all with different colour of the silicone band. They come in various sizes and shapes.

Bodum Bistro Double Wall Glass Mug set of 2

For those who love drinking coffee the old fashioned way, these mugs are the refreshment in their kitchenware. These mugs have all the qualities of the double-walled Bodum mugs, but they have a slightly different design. They have handles, making them very similar to regular mugs, but far more fancy and beautiful. Made of borosilicate colourless glass, you can see your coffee floating in it. They are also suitable for serving desserts in them. And, just like all quality Bodum Mugs, these are also safe for washing in a dishwasher.


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