Must – Have iPhone 6 Plus Accessories

The iPhone 6 Plus is a real machine equipped with a lot of accessories! Now you can accessorize your new iPhone to make it look perfect, protected and to offer you a lot of comfort. Here is what you need to own for the best appearance of your iPhone 6 Plus:

A Case

iPhone 6 Plus Case

The iPhone 6 Plus is a rather expensive investment, therefore, you would want to take good care of it. Buy Arkon Mount which is perfect for attaching it to any surface in your car or your bike or motor. You can attach your case to it and be able to carry your phone anywhere with you when you’re driving, while protected from falling, braking, an scratching the display. Moreover, you can get a larger case, like the Arkon Deluxe GPS Carryall case, that is meant for placing all your iPhone 6 Plus equipment.

Mount Holder

iPhone 6 Plus Mount Holder

As mentioned before, buy Arkon Mount Holder for your iPhone 6 Plus, so it could always be within your arm reach. The Arkon Cigarette Lighter Mount Grip Phone holder, has a micro USB cable as well, and additional features like micro socket light with power dongle, and an USB power port. It can easily be attached to any surface so you’ll have no trouble using it for your car.

USB Car Charger

iPhone 6 Plus USB Car Charger

If you go on long journeys with your car, you’ll need a portable battery charger for your iPhone 6 Plus. Buy Arkon Mount Holder mentioned previously, that has a USB power port to charge your battery. Or, you can purchase only an external battery power bank; which is quite in handy in these situations.

Armband for iPhone 6 Plus

Armband for iPhone 6 Plus

If you are an athlete and go on regular runs and fitness trainings, this is the accessory you need to have. Armbands serve to keep your phone safe from falling down and damaging both the phone and especially the display. Arkon Neoprene Armbands have a touch compatible plastic cover for all times availability.

Bike Handlebar Mount

Bike Handlebar Mount for iPhone 6

For passionate bike riders that like going on long routes, being available on the phone is a real must. That’s why you need to carry your phone with you, and Arkon gives you that possibility. Buy Arkon Mount Smartphone Bike equipped with a water resistant handler and a plastic cover that allows you to operate with it while moving.


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