Double Burner Gas Cooktop Are The Best For Small Kitchens

Having a small kitchen can be quite the challenge for cooking; you have everything in your arm’s reach, but you also don’t have enough space to move around. Besides being a cooking challenge, a small kitchen is a challenge for arranging it too. You can’t put too much kitchen appliances in it as you won’t have place, for the necessities! From this perspective, if you are an organized person, that loves clean and arranged spaces, a small kitchen is perfect for you. That’s why everything you place in your kitchen, including your gas cooktop, needs to be compact and able to perfectly fulfill its purpose.  So here are some basic things to pay attention to with small kitchens:


The number of burners on your cooktop

The cooktop is a large piece of cooking equipment, so it will take the most place in your rather small kitchen. So, when you buy a cooktop, make sure it’s a double burner gas cooktop. These are small and perfectly suitable for your basic needs, burner for the sauce pan and a burner for the frying pan. But, if you are a more experienced chef that likes making more complicated dishes,you might want to consider a 4 burner gas cooktop, as a double burner gas cooktop won’t be of any use to you. Or even if it does, it will take you a lot more time than usual to prepare a meal.

Commodity over size

Size isn’t always everything. Not everything big has to necessarily fit perfectly in its designated place. Sometimes it’s better to choose commodity oversize. For instance, in the case of small kitchens, you would really want to have more space for maneuvering while you cook, especially if you are preparing a little more food than usual.


British Thermal Units or BTUs, are important if you have a double burner gas cooktop. These units serve to measure the heat produced by your burners. Make sure you have at least one burner with 7000 BTUs if you like fast, efficient cooking with as much variety as possible. The other one can be weaker, as it’s always good to have a burner for both low and high heat cooking.


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