Cardigan Style Tips For A Chic Look

I simply love wearing a cardigan. This piece of clothing makes me feel comfortable and confident about my look. One of my top fashion rules is: Give me a cardigan and watch me transforming my outfit every day, just with two or three more pieces of clothing.

Cardigans womens are high on my priority list for both, casual and formal outfits. For work I prefer to combine it with pants and formal shirt, while for casual occasion I feel free to add a cardigan on top of a dress or in a combination with a skirt and casual shirt.

cardigans trendy style with big handbag

Although cardigans womens come in a variety of shapes, sizes, prints and colours, you shouldn’t go for the first cardigan that will come on your way to your closet. That being said, to get the most out of your outfit you ought to pick the right cardigan. Wearing a cardigan that is not suitable for your body type can make you look stumpy, wide or wrong.

Here Are Some Cardigan Style Tips For A Chic Look

  • For stylish and comfortable weekend days, combine an oversized cardigan with jeans and a tee.

  • Reshape a shapeless cardigan top with a catchy belt. A skinny belt would do the trick for a light knit. For best formal look combine the cardigans womens with a pencil skirt and simple shirt.

  • Feel free to wear a long length cardigan under a leather jacket. It’s a real winning winter combination.

  • Do you want to know how does it feels a walk on a runaway? To discover this invest in floor length cardigan. For best match combine it with your favourite shorts or short skirt.

  • There isn’t more powerful combination than a blend of beautiful cardigan and a chic scarf. Any ideas? Leave it all to your imagination and you will rock the winter days with style!

  • A buttoned top with a shirt under it can make a miracles for your chic formal look. It will make you feel comfortable and confident. The choice of shirt and cardigan colours is all up to you.


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