Proper Pallet Rack Protection

Protecting your pallet racking systems is a daily priority. In warehouses, pallet rack damage is a big potential risk for the health and safety of the workers. Pallet racks are not designed to resist hits by forklifts or misused in any other way. Even low-speed collisions may lead to big equipment damage and injuries, which both might turn out to be costly and/or fatal cases. Luckily, there are many products that can protect your pallet racking systems from all kinds of impacts and make your warehouse a safer and better protected work place. By protecting your racking systems you are actually protecting your investment. Here are the three must-have devices for proper pallet rack protection.

Safety Pins – Pallet racking safety pins, or also known as beam locks, are small protection devices that can help you secure your beams to the frame. These small devices are inserted into the beam and through the front upright face. Either made from plastic or steel, safety pins are used to prevent beams from becoming accidentally dislodged or broken during normal loading and unloading operations. If beams got dislodged, the results might be fallen pallets, complete racking collapse or workers injuries. To prevent any kind of accidents, safety pins are required as a part of the SEMA Code Of Practice.

protector for pallet racking

Pallet Rack Protection

Floor Mounted Racking Protectors – Floor mounted racking protectors are used to provide an exceptional floor level protection to racking ends. These devices provide a great pallet rack protection and require minimal space, due to their unique design that requires them to be mounted either on the outside or on the inside of the rack ends. The floor-mounted racking protectors are installed upright and are available in many different heights and width, so they can be used with all racking system models. The pallet rack protection ability of these protectors is to absorb the impact of the forklifts and prevent damage to the racking column guards. Floor mounted racking protectors have a universal design which maximizes the rack bay storage if mounted inside the racking.

Wrap Around Racking Protectors – To provide a protective deflector to the front of your pallet racks, wrap around racking protectors are a must. These protectors are designed to be visible usually with fluorescent yellow color, whether from distance, height or in low-light working environments. The wrap around racking protectors are available in different widths and sizes in order to fit racking systems of all sizes. These safety protecting devices are installed in only few seconds without creating a mess in the warehouse and do not require using specific tools.


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