Everything You Need To Know About Cold Pressed Juicer

With the growth of health and wellness industry, the technology sector also kept the same pace and contributed towards natural and healthier lifestyle. Many groundbreaking products helped in accomplishing this mission, and one of them is the cold press juicer.

It is a small, but exceptionally powerful electric kitchen appliance that has also shown an increasingly growing popularity among the juicers of the modern day. Thus, it is nothing wrong to say that the cold press juicer has set up a new trend when it comes to juicing. However, there has been the eternal, hardcore juicing debate with years about what type of juicer is better to buy – the centrifugal or the cold pressed juicer.

Cold press juicers

Cold Press Juicer

But, it seems like people are more likely to buy the cold press juicer and there are probably right. Many special features make this small electric kitchen appliance unique and one of the most popular types of juicers lately.

Why people love cold press juices? The answer is simple. With only one glass of freshly made juice a day, the body is naturally boosted with strength, energy and concentration for the whole day. In other words, the body gets its required dose of daily fruits and vegetables. Juices produced by cold press juicer are higher in nutrient-levels when compared to the high pressure processing (HHP) juices produced by the centrifugal juicers. Since centrifugal juicers operate at very high speed, they are likely to produce heat that negatively affects the juice’s nutrient-levels. And this is not the case with the cold press juicer. Final conclusion is that the cold press juicer offers much more health benefits than any other model of juicer, as its juices preserve all nutrients from the raw fruits and vegetables that have been used.

Another reason why the cold press juicer is the premium go-to destination for juicer buyers is because it is easy to use and it is quiet. But, its super powers do not stop here. Latest editions of cold press juicers come with cutting edge features, like grinding coffee and making pasta and baby food. They also feature a high-end design, which certainly makes the cold press juicer the perfect match to everyone’s kitchen.


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