The Most Popular Minecraft Lego Sets

The most epic thing about LEGO toys is actually making a collaboration with Minecraft. This amazing crossover invented a lot of new ways to have fun. Here are the most popular Minecraft Lego Sets: The Cave and The Farm.

  • The Cave takes you on a adventurous quest for finding vital resources. You can fight zombies and spider mobs, use TNT to blast ores and dig for minerals, you can also restore your energy levels with a chest of bread. This set includes Steve and a zombie, plus a spider.


  • The Farm takes you on an interesting quest for finding renewable resources. To survive, you must find food, and to do that you must channel the water to nurture the livestock, to grow some vegetables. Your enemy is the skeleton with his bow and arrow that fights you at night. This set includes Steve and a skeleton, cow and a sheep.



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