Modern Outdoor Sofa And Furniture Cleaning Tips

Ah, that feeling when you have to clean some troublesome stains on your recently bought outdoor sofa. Yes, removing stubborn stains from upholstered furniture can be a real pain in the neck, especially when you know that you have paid a real fortune for it.

Outdoor Sofa

To know how to properly clean your modern outdoor furniture is not only important when troubles happen, but is it also essential to keep the furniture’s fresh and attractive look. Many fail in accomplishing this task, because they simply do not care about it, or because they do not know how to properly care about their modern outdoor sofas and the rest of the furniture.

Take a look at the following DIY tips on how to clean your outdoor upholstered furniture, thus expand its beauty, functionality and lifespan.

  • Take Off The Dust – The first step from your outdoor furniture cleaning mission is to remove the dust from it. Normally, the fastest and easiest way is to use a vacuum cleaner, as this is how even the smallest dust particles will be vacuumed profoundly and efficiently. Another alternative to take off the dust from your modern outdoor sofas is to use a small dusting brush and brush the upholstery by hand. If you turn to the second option, be careful to not destroy the material with too fast and uncareful moves.
  • Check Out The Upholstery Tag Markings – If you want to be sure that you are on the right track when cleaning your elegant, appealing outdoor furniture, take a look at its tags. These codes will tell you the best cleaning solutions for the furniture.

    W– stands for “water”, meaning that the furniture has to be cleaned with water-based products.

    “S” – stands for “solvent”, meaning that the furniture has to be cleaned with a water-free cleaning product.

    “WS” or “SW” – if your modern outdoor sofas have these codes on their upholstery tags, it means that they can be cleaned with both water-based and water-free (dry-cleaning) products.

    “X” – this code indicates that the furniture is made out of very complex fabric that nether water-based nor dry-cleaning product can handle it. If this is your case, do not take the risk and turn to professional furniture cleaning company.

  • Steam Cleaner – After cleaning the furniture according to the above-mentioned upholstery tag markings, the steam cleaner will efficiently help you to quickly dry, clean and sanitize the upholstery. You can choose to either buy or rent a vapor steam cleaner, depending on your needs and budget.

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