Portable Steam Sauna Buying Guide

A steam sauna is a great weapon that you can use to alleviate all your tensions, tight muscles and also to leave you revived and refreshed. And when it comes to health, the perspiration leaded by the steam sauna’s heat will help detoxify your body and burn off excess calories.

A portable steam sauna is a small, enclosed space that produces a high level of moist heat that you can actually have at your home. And once you add a portable steam sauna to your place, you will have a small room that offers extreme relaxation and well-being.


When it comes to purchasing a portable steam sauna, you will have more than one choice. Hence, follow our buying guide to be able to choose the one that will better suit your needs.

Portable Steam Sauna Sizes

When you begin to shopping for your sauna, you will need to choose a size. Modern units are available in small sizes – which can accommodate one or two people. Larger sizes are also available and fit six or more people.

Sauna Sizes

Features and Advantages

One or two users

This unit will able to offer extreme heat with a smaller price tag.

Two to four users

This unit will benefit large families who enjoy throwing an outside party.

Six or more users

Although larger units are more expensive, they provide relaxing temperatures and health benefits to more friends and family members.

Portable Steam Saunas Accessories

You also will have the option to enhance you unit with the addition of accessories. Accessories will make your unit more comfortable and also more safe.



Pails and Dippers

This accessories will add your unit heating convenience while providing greater atmospheric comfort.


One or two drops of fragrance added to your unit scooping water will provide a pleasant aroma. And in some cases, a specif fragrance will enhance the sauna’s healing benefits.


You should include a temperature gauge on the wall of your unit to ensure your safety.

Tower Hangers

Since steam sauna causes you to sweat, the convenience of located towels will allow you to dry your skin after leaving the unit.

Wall Signs

Wall signs will ensure that you and your family members follow the sauna’s safety precautions.

Back and Head Supports

They will offer ultimate comfort.


They will provide an additional head and back support.


You can add a specially designed lighting to improve the style of your sauna.


The inclusion of soft plastic flooring will add a layer of comfort for the feet, while ensuring cleanliness.

Since the quality of the products available on the market is very variable, when purchasing for your portable steam sauna, make sure that the seller is a reputable provider and will provide you with spares and after-sales support for your purchase.


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