Skel Trailer- Design, Purpose and Types

The transport companies in Australia use different kinds of trailers for transportation of various goods and materials. Generally, two types of trailers are used for transportation purposes: open or flat bed trailers, and enclosed trailers. The enclosed trailers are used for transportation of food products and other temperature sensitive goods, while the open trailers are used for transportation of all kinds of materials that cannot be placed in closed trailer types.


There are many flat bed trailers on the market, and each model comes with specific design and configuration. One of the most commonly used flat bed trailers is the skel trailer. Unlike the traditional flat bed trailers that come with set of wheels on both ends of the chassis, the skel trailers are designed only with one set of wheels at the back. This specific configuration enables the front part of the skel trailer to be lowered down once the trailer is released from the truck. The skel trailers are generally used for transportation of heavy loads, different types of machines or industry equipment, and many other over-sized loads that cannot be transported with any other trailer.

A typical skel trailer is made from highly durable materials and comes with solid construction that can withstand heavy loads without any problems. The main reason why the trucking companies not only in Australia but worldwide are choosing the skel trailers is because these trailers offer more capacity, flexibility and are easy to use and operate. Furthermore, their simple and solid construction is made of several parts, meaning that only simple service and maintenance is required.

If you are looking for a skel trailer for sale, there are plenty of options on the market. Depending on the materials that need to be transported from one place to another, you can choose from the following skel trailers:

Lead Skel Trailer. This is the most commonly used skel trailer since it can be used in combination with other trailers for transportation of various goods and materials.

Roll Back Lead Skel Trailer. When high performance is needed, the roll back lead skel trailer is the ideal solution. The roll frame gives many loading and unloading options.

Retractable Skel Trailer. This trailer offers increased maneuverability, flexibility and versatility. It is specifically designed to provide the operators a variety of loading and unloading options.

Tipping Skel Trailer. For satisfying different transport needs and requirements, the tipping skel trailer is usually a custom-built trailer. The design of the tipping trailer can vary depending on the materials and goods that need to be moved from place to place.


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