Top Reasons To Install Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood

Many people appreciate the appearance of real wood flooring, but not every person is as enthusiastic about the cleaning, maintenance and potential water damage that comes with it. These two are one of the many other reasons why vinyl flooring that looks like wood is becoming more popular choice for residential spaces. In addition to durability and low cost of the vinyl flooring, there are few other important things homeowners should take into consideration when looking for the best vinyl flooring that looks like wood.


The quality of different vinyl flooring that looks like wood is dependent upon the wear surface, thickness and other factors. Thickness can range from two millimeters on the low end to six millimeters for the vinyl flooring styles that contain a commercial warranty. The stain and scuff resistant options have a durable wear layer, while low priced flooring need the use of cleaning products that copy a urethane finish with few applications. High quality brands that offer vinyl flooring that looks like wood can offer ultraviolet stability to prevent fading, mildew and mold inhibitors. These characteristics makes this flooring perfect choice for beach houses and rental properties.

Vinyl flooring can be installed by glue-down or floating methods. Some styles offer strips which are self-adhesive, securing the planks to each other creating a floating floor. Others click together and are installed in the same way as laminate, which makes them a great option for handy people. Commercial-grade vinyl are generally glued with pressure sensitive adhesives, which makes them very easy to replace if damaged. For all benefits that come with vinyl flooring people are generally wiling to spend more for styles that best mimic real wood. Vinyl flooring that looks like wood has textured surface that match the knots and grain of the wood and look more realistic.

Using vinyl flooring that looks like wood is very creative way to enjoy the appearance of softer woods such as pine or maple with no concern over denting. It is also an innovative way to add decorative finishes, such as weathered or white-washed wood planks. Vinyl flooring is cost effective choice for rental homes and even for the rooms in your home where there is high level of traffic. When comparing pricing, make sure you take into consideration all above factors so you can purchase the most for your money.


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