Australia’s Trucking Industry Facts

The trucking industry plays an important role in the economic growth of Australia. It’s the most progressive industry in the last few years. Even though Australia’s trucking industry is fairly new, the demand for heavy freight transport services is rising surprisingly fast. You will find a great number of Australian trucking companies that offer various transport, storage and logistics packages for different business. Check the following interesting facts you might didn’t know about Australia’s heavy freight transport:


  • Do you know that a heavy goods vehicle is one that can hold and transport loads of 4.5 tonnes and up.
  • Do you know that the heavy freight transport covers more roads than the railway. This makes the trucks very important and integral part of the international and domestic trade and commerce.
  • The trucks transport around 1,549 million tonnes freight across 12,505 million km per year. With such amazing numbers it is not strange why the Australia’s trucking industry is so popular.
  • Statistics show that all freight tasks will be doubled by 2020. The Australian heavy freight transport exceeds not only the customer’s expectation but national income as well.
  • Unlike other industries, the Australian trucking sector employs far more people. More than 70,000 truck drivers, mechanics, administrators are involved in this trucking industry.
  • Because the demands for heavy freight transport are so big, the manufacturers produce way better machines. The trucks nowadays generate only 21% of the Australian greenhouse gas emissions, and this percentage continue to decline thanks to the innovative Eco-friendly truck designs.
  • The truck drivers must follow strict safety regulations in order to deliver the loads in good condition and on time. Thus, they are not allowed to drive more than 12 hours per day. It is well stated that the truck drivers involved in the heavy freight transport should rest for 4 hours. This way, the number of accidents on the road can be reduced.
  • Some heavy freight transport companies employ two licensed drivers for one truck. If they need to drive long distances, one would drive while the other is sleeping.

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