Most Commonly Used Flooring Solutions For Schools

Commercial structures can vary in their flooring requirements. An industrial building will need different flooring solution than an office building. An ice cream shop may need different flooring than a school building. When it comes to selecting the flooring, there can be some very important factors that need to be considered. Everything from the cost of materials to how well they are suited to the environment, and much more. When it comes to school flooring, the design challenges you face in building modern educational areas range from keeping a school cafeteria clean to controlling the noise in a high school corridor. Maintaining the gravitas of lecture hall of the collage to comforting preschoolers at sleep time. Here are the most commonly used school flooring solutions.

school flooring

Linoleum – When someone mentions linoleum, many people think of vinyl because these two flooring solutions are very similar to each other. Linoleum is made from a concoction of cork dust, wood flour, linseed oil, pigments, tree resins and ground limestone. Linoleum is often used school flooring material because is water resistant and fire retardant. This material isn’t new to the market. Compared to earliest versions, linoleum today comes in wide range of bright vibrant colors and a sealer to protect it from stains. It will hold up to a lot of tear and wear and has a long shelf life.

Vinyl – This flooring solution is high recommended for school building as it canvas to protect, uplift and motivate students, visitors and staff. The colors can assist in way-finding or define the character of unique spaces. The various designs can bring together adjacent areas and provide learning environment fulfilled with harmony. From hallways and classrooms to computer rooms and multi-purpose floors, vinyl school flooring solution is safe, attractive and low maintenance addressing the requirements of educational institutions worldwide. It is water resistant and great to walk on. It comes in many pattern and color options and the best thing about this flooring is it’s Eco-friendly.

Hardwood – Hardwood is another most commonly used flooring solution that add value to any residential and commercial building, including schools. It is a lifetime product because if maintained properly it can last the life of the building. Combine that with its timeless appeal and you can see why hardwood remain one of the commonly used flooring solution in remodeling and new school construction. Hardwood school flooring comes in wide range of colors and finishes, all ready to match any design requirements, fixtures and fittings.


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