Standard Server Rack Sizes

If you have more IT equipment that needs to be stored than you have available space, then you probably should consider server rack cabinets. They are perfect solution, not only because they will protect your equipment but also they will save more space for additional ones you may buy in future. Server racks will help you better organize your equipment and keep it safe and protected. Instead of tripping over cables, get server racks that are specifically designed to prolong the service life of your equipment. You may get confused due to so many server rack sizes available on the market, but we are here to help. Read on to learn more about standard server rack sizes.


4RU 300 mm Server Rack – You should consider this server rack size if you need something that can hold up to 180 kg. Usually, when we buy something we always tend to pick the biggest one. But, this should not be a case when buying server racks. If you do not need rack that have holding capacity of more than 180 kg, then you definitely should opt for small one like 4RU, because the bigger rack will take more of your free space without a need.

12RU 450 mm Server Rack – This server rack size is nothing less than the previous one. It contains all needed features such as tempered glass door, lockable side panels, per-punched provision for fans and much more that tis 12RU cabinet provides. From all different server rack dimensions you can find available, 12RU is perfect for storing switches, patch panels or other light weighted communication and network equipment.

27RU Server Rack – You will find many server racks that are designed to hold heavier equipment, but our recommendation is to go with the 27RU server rack size, as it takes less space and still can holds up to 180 kg. This model of rack contains vented sides and fronts for cooling, tempered glass doors, per-punched holes for cables and more. Thanks to this type of server racks you will get rid of the cable mess and enjoy faster and smoother network connection.



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