If you have more devices than space where to store, then you should definitely consider server racks. Not only that you will protect your network equipment, but also save more space for additional ones you buy in future. Server racks help you clean the mess and organize the devices that you most often use. Instead of tripping over the cable clutter, you can check some of the amazing server rack models that are specifically designed to prolong the life span of your IT equipment. You might get confused from so many server rack sizes available, but with the help of this article that won’t even be a problem. If you are on a budget, then skip the custom made server racks and check some of the regular server rack sizes available on the market. Here are some of the most sought.

4RU 300 mm Server Rack -If you are looking for small sized server rack that can hold up to 180 kg, then the 4RU should be on your list. When you are looking at so many server rack sizes, you get confused about which one you like. We tend to always pick the bigger one. However, that is not the case with the server racks. Keep in mind that a bigger server rack will take more space than a smaller one.

12RU 450 mm Server Rack – The 12RU server rack cabinet is nothing less than the previous one. It includes all the necessary features like lockable side panels, per-punched provision for fans,
tempered glass door and much more that this 450 mm deep cabinet provides. From all the server rack sizes, this one is the ideal for storing patch panels, switches or other light weighted network and communication equipment.

27RU Server Size Rack – Even though there are many server rack sizes that are designed to hold heavier devices, go with the 27RU server rack, as it takes less space but holds up to 180 kg. This heavy duty frame work includes reversible front tempered glass doors, vented fronts and sides for cooling, per-punched holes for cables and much more. Thanks to this rack, you will get rid of the cable mess and enjoy smoother and faster network connection.


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